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Salesforce’s Thomas Saracene: Agencies Should Design Digital Engagement Around Customers

Thomas Saracene, senior director of digital transformation in the global public sector business at Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), said government agencies looking to advance digital engagement to improve citizen experience should take a customer-centric approach.

“Digital engagement should be informed by data and designed around the customer, not around internal processes,” Saracene wrote.

“Shifting to an outward, customer-centric view requires retooling at the system, data and organizational levels,” he noted. “That shift involves assembling a holistic picture of the customer so that services are delivered in context.”

Saracene highlighted the importance of data in facilitating the delivery of government services to citizens and their interactions with agencies.

He called on agencies to consider establishing a “unified engagement layer,” which could help organizations improve the citizen experience and transform back-office functions.

Saracene urged agencies to implement other provisions of the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act, such as transitioning to shared services, enhancing the customer experience and adopting e-signatures. He also cited the need for a “single front door” for client interactions.

“That front door service should include everything they have done and everything they could do regardless of which agency, office, department or person is handling the interaction on the government side,” he added.

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