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Victor Udoewa, Service Design Lead, Office of Public Health Data, Surveillance, and Technology (OPHDST) of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Victor Udoewa, Service Design Lead, Office of Public Health Data, Surveillance, and Technology (OPHDST) of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Victor Udoewa is the Service Design Lead for the Office of Public Health (OPHDST) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. His civic design and innovation leadership, specializing in improving government products and services, is paramount to his role as the panel at the Potomac Officers Club’s CX Imperative Forum.


Mr. Udoewa is joining the roster of demonstrated executives in social spaces and citizen experiences at The CX Imperative Forum on January 25, 2024. He is set to speak as the panelist, along with Radiant Digital’s Senior Vice President Jeffery McLaughlin, who also serves as the forum’s moderator.


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Who is Victor Udoewa?


Who is Victor Udoewa?
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Victor Udoewa is an SDN Accredited Service Design Master with deeply rooted expertise in participatory design. He began his professional career designing and developing computational tools for scientific applications. This experience is an anchor for his endeavors in service and system design across governments, non-government institutions, and communities.


In his assignments in international communities, Mr. Udoewa has shifted his focus toward civic design. His work centers around improving government products and services to improve public services for citizens, immigrants, and refugees. Moreover, Mr. Udoewa facilitates equal opportunities for employment and skill development for community members.


Victor Udoewa received his education from Harvard University, the University of Cape Town, Rice University, and Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.


Victor Udoewa: Professional background


Victor Udoewa: Professional background
Photo by CDC/Unsplash


Victor Udoewa held many hats throughout his nearly three decades of experience. One of his earliest demonstrated works was with the United States Agency for International Development and the Department of Homeland Security, where he served as a science & technology policy advisor focusing on global health, climate awareness, and post-disaster rebuilding. 


In 2012, Mr. Udoewa became a part of Google as a Global Education Instructional Designer and Training Development Specialist. In this role, he led the design and development of learning experiences for communities in low-to-middle-income countries. This is crucial work toward improving digital literacy, particularly in post-disaster situations.


Moreover, Mr. Udoewa served increasing responsibilities at 18F, a civic consulting firm for the federal government. Some of his notable contributions encompass starting a business education unit, developing educational products and services, and serving as a lead designer and strategist. Ultimately, Mr. Udoewa served as 18F’s Director of Strategy.


Prior to joining the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s OPHDST, Mr. Udoewa was the Chief Technical Officer, Chief Experience Officer, and Service Design Lead at NASA Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) Program.


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What Service Design means for Victor Udoewa


What Service Design means for Victor Udoewa
Photo by CDC/Unsplash


Leading service design for the public sector, Victor Udoewa has won numerous prestigious awards for spearheading many community-focused projects and authoring over 25 publications. Some of the more recent projects include:


  • Helping the Next 4 Billion Go Online Part I: Design Research for Digital Literacy Education
  • Helping the Next 4 Billion Go Online Part II: Prototyping Solutions for Digital Literacy Education
  • System Futures for a Racially Just School Community


“Researching, ideating, designing, prototyping, measuring, and iterating on both a service and the mechanics behind the service (organizational structure, business models, communications, processes, policy, props, technology, etc.) to improve both the customer experience and the employee experience across multiple touch points and interactions, both digital and non-digital, online and offline, Victor Udoewa told the Service Design Network.


Victor Udoewa, Panelist at The CX Imperative Forum


Victor Udoewa’s comprehensive portfolio in designing enhanced experiences for citizens, employees, and communities plays a significant role at the CX Imperative Forum. As a panelist, he is set to discuss the digital transformation design and strategies federal, local, and state agencies can use to reform the existing bureaucratic procedures.


Joining Victor Udoewa in the CX Imperative Forum are distinguished executives, such as:


  • Dana Chisnell, Executive Director for Customer Experience at the Department of Homeland Security (Keynote)
  • Dr. Shankar Rachakonda, Chief Executive Officer at Radiant Digital (Keynote introducer)
  • Jeffery McLaughlin, Senior Vice President at Radiant Digital (Moderator)


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