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Granicus’ Patrick Moore: Agencies Should Recognize Power of Customer’s Voice to Modernize CX

Patrick Moore, vice president for business development at Granicus, said listening to the voice of citizens could help government agencies as they transform digital services to improve customer experience.

“As the power of the customer’s voice reaches government, agencies that are savvy listeners and can integrate customer feedback into their service improvement plans will set the leadership tone for a responsive and digital government,” he wrote.

Digitizing forms and services, using e-signatures, adopting shared services and modernizing websites are some of the key elements of the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act, he said.

Moore noted that websites play a role in customer experience and focusing on how users engage with a website now serves as a “more compelling design element than the underlying technology.”

“By working backward from what type of information customers are looking for, their needs and their expectations, agencies can begin to improve the way they communicate with these individuals,” he said.

“Answering empathetic questions about an audience’s needs and pain points (who they are and how they want to hear from you) and then aligning technology to reach and engage more people will help agencies achieve those goals,” he added.

He said the chief information officer’s role has become more focused on the experience of customers and treating CIOs as strategic partners and allowing them to participate in decision-making could help agencies discover new ways to interact with customers and enhance government processes.

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