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Jonathan Alboum Digital Strategist ServiceNow

ServiceNow’s Jonathan Alboum: Digitized Workflows, Software Asset Mgmt Key to Citizen Services Delivery During Pandemic

Jonathan Alboum, principal digital strategist for the federal government at ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), said digitizing workflows could help government agencies enable their employees deliver seamless customer experiences to citizens during a crisis.

“It’s important to digitize office workflows ahead of time so that those processes can seamlessly transition to telework environments when a crisis hits,” Alboum wrote.

He said that approach calls for information technology leaders at agencies to identify the number of software licenses they have for remote tools like videoconferencing and virtual private networks, deploy laptops to employees and come up with a plan on how to service their devices in case they encounter a problem.

“Software asset management can help agencies respond to crises by optimizing the purchase and maintenance of all those tools and by allowing agencies to scale resources up and down as needed,” he noted.

Alboum discussed how the state of Tennessee has facilitated the delivery of emergency benefits to children and their families under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program during the COVID-19 pandemic through the integration of its ServiceNow platform with online systems for identity verification.

He also mentioned the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act and how the law’s concepts could help agencies respond to the pandemic and other crises.

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