Peter Durand VP Acquia

Acquia’s Peter Durand: Cloud Tech Could Help Agencies Improve Citizen Interactions

Peter Durand, vice president of public sector at Acquia, said adopting cloud-based technologies could help government agencies securely facilitate interactions with citizens and manage applications in the cloud.

“The flexible, innovative nature of cloud technology makes it easier for agencies to improve the efficacy of their applications and what they ultimately deliver,” Durand wrote. “In addition, cloud technologies can help agencies start getting a 360-degree view of how they interact with citizens, business partners and other agencies and even begin personalizing those experiences.”

Durand discussed how user-centered design transforms application development and how open-source software could help agencies “future-proof” their platforms and prevent them from being locked into proprietary software and architectures.

“For example, open-source software like Drupal allows agencies to add automation and machine learning to their cloud-based systems, which further ensures the flexibility, scalability and security of those systems,” he said.

Durand mentioned the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act and how the law could encourage citizens to transact with agencies online by advancing the use of trusted credentials.

He said agencies seeking to transform the customer experience should recognize the importance of securing personal data as they implement the latest technology platforms in the cloud.

“The government needs to be able to adopt the latest technologies while protecting users’ privacy. That’s why it’s essential for government and industry to continue working together to improve the way cloud-based technology manages and secures data,” Durand wrote.

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