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ArchIntel Releases White Paper on Open Source Intelligence

TYSONS CORNER, VA, May 27, 2020 — ArchIntel, a provider of concise actionable intelligence to business leaders, today announced the release of its latest white paper, “Leveraging OSINT for Competitive Advantage: A Guide to Having Your Listening Post,” which provides insight into how open source intelligence can help a company gain an edge over its competition.

OSINT is a powerful tool that allows for strategic intelligence sharing when commercial organizations need it most. It offers businesses the ability to protect brand reputation, analyze public and customer sentiments, secure personnel and infrastructure, assess risks for strategic planning and decision-making, perform due diligence and strengthen cybersecurity.

Business organizations in sectors such as defense, aerospace, financial services, construction and design, education, legal, transportation and logistics, energy, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, software and technology, retail, health and life sciences, shipping, and even venture capital rely on OSINT providers such as ArchIntel for strategic intelligence.

“Companies are benefitting from the structured outsourcing of contextualized OSINT data collection so they may focus on the priority interpretation of their competition‘s product evolution, technology and the acceleration of the DevOps movement across all major business sectors,” said ArchIntel President and Founder Jim Garrettson.

According to ArchIntel, competitive intelligence (CI) is providing the all-encompassing 360-degree-view businesses need to be more competitive relative to their entire environment. An adequately designed CI program offers multiple advantages to a commercial organization. These benefits include competitor analysis, competitor mapping, technological advancements and changes in industry standards, marketing insights, product insights, buyer behavior and big data analytics.

ArchIntel’s white paper outlines four fundamental types of open source CI: communication intelligence, financial intelligence, technical intelligence and human intelligence.

Learn more by downloading a free copy of the white paper here.

About ArchIntel:

ArchIntel provides business leaders with customized, actionable daily intelligence and situational awareness about their competitors, customers and partners delivered in concise newsletter format by email at 6 a.m. and online at archintel.com. By leveraging highly-customized search engines crafted to the precise specifications of each ArchIntel customer, a human intelligence team of account-dedicated researchers, writers and editors construct daily intelligence briefings that help executives identify critical information. ArchIntel researchers leverage proactive sourcing to deliver highly-customized daily intelligence reports. While traditional open-source intelligence providers rely upon mainstream media, social media platforms, customer specialized public domains, and private resources, ArchIntel researchers take it a step further to leverage untraditional sources of actionable intelligence. This includes patent and trademarks, human capital movement, site-specific reporting, and customizable manual searches. ArchIntel houses all daily intelligence briefings in private, secured interactive archives with user-friendly features. ArchIntel Daily Intelligence Brief subscribers can utilize the interactive archive to collaborate around all sourced intelligence. ArchIntel serves as a competitive intelligence library, and a business and corporate development tool. ArchIntel is part of a larger network that reaches over 150,000 daily subscribers; half of ArchIntel’s customers are leaders of Fortune 1000 companies. To request a complimentary customized Daily Intelligence Briefing, please visit archintel.com or call 703-226-7009.

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