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Salesforce’s Jenny Berarducci: Cloud Tech Could Help Agencies Transform Customer Experience

Jeff Brody
Jenny Berarducci

Jenny Berarducci, regional vice president of customer success at Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), has said a cloud-based tool provides government agencies the capability to improve the customer experience and earn the public’s trust, which is key to any mission.

Berarducci wrote about the need for agencies to implement a flexible technology that could enable them to meet current and future needs.

“The trick is that customer experience changes with customer expectations, which are influenced by everything from seasonal demands to a conversation with a single employee,” she said. “So achieving these outcomes hinges on having flexible technology that can adapt quickly because government can no longer afford to spend years developing an application.”

Berarducci cited several tools that could allow government employees to focus on delivering services and value to customers, including artificial intelligence, business intelligence tools like Einstein Analytics and customer relationship management products like Salesforce’s Service Cloud platform.

Agencies should also align information technology and business aspects of their organizations with the help of decision-makers. “This alignment ensures that each IT effort is tied to business outcomes and that each project from the business side is grounded in scalable, repeatable, safe best practices (i.e., no more rogue IT),” Berarducci added.

Berarducci also called on agencies to come up with a training plan, educate employees of priorities and allow them to learn about new technologies and processes as well as collaborate with qualified industry partners.

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