Who are the Boeing Intelligence and Analytics Leaders, Founders, Executives?

Boeing intelligence and analytics (BIA) is one of the many subsidiaries of the Boeing Company. It is a defense and space company that specializes in testing services and system integration. It was founded in 2016 with over 420 employees at present. However, due to the company’s size and performance, most people don’t know about the brilliant minds behind its success. This is why this piece seeks to provide an overview of the Boeing intelligence and analytics leaders, founders, executives!

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What is the Boeing intelligence and analytics business segment?

What is the Boeing intelligence and analytics business segment?

William Boeing is the founder of Boeing. The company’s business segment/subsidiary, Boeing Intelligence and Analytics, is the leading provider of U.S. Intelligence Community capabilities. 10.5% of its employees have attended United States Military Academy.

It helps its clients determine and develop solutions to counter the strengths and exploit adversaries’ vulnerabilities. BIA Boeing supports global missions by delivering data analytics, cyber solutions, and intelligence to help users enhance national security. It has technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Requirements definition
  • Software development
  • Embedded systems
  • Rapid prototyping
  • System development
  • System test, integration, and deployment
  • Tools for countering cyber threats and improving wartime decision making

List of the Boeing intelligence and analytics executives

List of the Boeing intelligence and analytics executives

This section contains the leadership team of Boeing intelligence and analytics (BIA):

Roxanne Wood

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President

Boeing intelligence analytics: CEO Boeing intelligence and analytics

As BIA’s CEO, she leads business and campaign strategies, technological integration, intelligence solution production, program management, and customer engagement. Ms. Roxanne has over 25 years of expertise in strategy and business development and technology when she served in the United States Department of Defense and intelligence community with a focus on analytics operations, space systems signal intelligence (SIGINT), and Cyber.

In her past employment, she was a director of strategic capture and held BIA’s chief operating officer position. Wood has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a master’s degree in Technology Management.

Steven Cogdell

Chief Operating Officer

Boeing intelligence analytics: Steven Cogdell

Steven is the current chief operating officer and reports directly to the CEO. As a chief operating officer, he provides strategic leadership and program management, assists the chief engineer and CEO in the development of strategies and execution plans to ensure its success, and oversees assigned functional organizations. Before entering his COO role, he was engaged in Boeing intelligence and analytics activities and business development strategies.

Patrick Shafer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Boeing intelligence analytics: Patrick Shafer

Patrick Shafer is responsible for business operating BIA’s federal contracting. He is the director of Financial Operations and Business Performance. As the CFO, he and his team manage the following:

  • Contracts
  • Daily financial transactions
  • Supplier management
  • Risk mitigation
  • Proposal coordination and pricing
  • Financial pricing, strategy, and reporting

Garrett Earle

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Boeing intelligence analytics: Garrett Earle

Garrett Earl has over two decades of experience in Commercial and Intelligence Communities. He leads BIA’s daily information technology operation, evaluates and implements the latest industry trends, protects data and infrastructure, and connects the gap between nontechnical and technical. He is also the current Senior Information Technology Manager at Boeing.

Chad Scott

Director of Strategy and Business Development

Boeing intelligence analytics: Chad Scott

Chad Scott is the director of the strategy and business development. He reports directly to the CEO and is based in the Annapolis Junction, Maryland facility. He is in charge of communicating, developing, and executing complex business strategies for BIA. He has a long employment history with Boeing, with more than 14 years of service.

He delivered many presentations across the globe, including in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, in support of his customers’ missions regarding human tracking, insider threat, data management for counter tourism targeting, and more at defense and security conferences.

Curtis Thomas

Technical Director

Boeing intelligence analytics: Curtis Thomas

Mr. Thomas joined the company in 2020 as a cyber architect and a technology strategist and later became the technical director. He reports directly to the CEO. He is in charge of establishing the company’s strategies, growth plans, and technology vision. Thomas works with the engineering manager to ensure the proper training and alignment of the program’s technical resources. His other past roles in the previous company he worked at were the following:

  • Chief engineer
  • Vice president of engineering
  • Project manager
  • Signal analyst
  • Software architect/engineer
  • System architect

Lucia Rogers

Engineering Manager

Boeing intelligence analytics: Lucia Rogers

Lucia Rogers is responsible for overseeing the growth of Boeing’s analysts and engineers. She reports directly to the CEO and works with the COO and technical director to tailor BIA’s strategy roadmaps for employees, technical and leadership performance, and training.

Cynthia Stacey

Human Resources Lead

Boeing intelligence analytics: Cynthia Stacey

Cynthia Stacey is BIA’s human resource lead. She directs all aspects of human resource operations and management for the company. Also, she is responsible for every facet of design and human resource department implementations, including employee relations, recruitment, and total rewards.

Boeing intelligence and analytics leaders, founders, executives at a glance

The future is here, and it’s through developing strategies and exploiting vulnerabilities of potential threats. BIA’s executives, a global community of professionals, are shaping the future of intelligence and analytics for business. They are committed to building a vibrant, secured, and safe community that advances the world’s largest aerospace company and its customers globally through innovation and collaboration.

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