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10 Construction Companies in Government Contracting for 2023

The construction industry holds a prominent position among government contractors, securing numerous contracts from federal agencies. These contracts are awarded to construction companies responsible for building vital infrastructure projects across various sectors, including defense, homeland security, logistics, transportation, technology, and more. The federal procurement data system facilitates the selection process for these construction contracts.

Let’s see some notable construction contractors operating in the U.S. federal market.

Turner Construction

Turner government contracts

Photo from Turner Construction Official Website

  • Revenue: $16 billion (Fiscal year 2021)
  • Employees: 10,000
  • Established: 1902
  • Headquarters: New York City, New York

Turner Construction secures the top spot among the largest federal government construction contractors. The company completes over 1,500 projects worth over $12 billion, offering design-build, project management, procurement, building information modeling, and other construction services.

As a subsidiary of German construction giant, Hochtief, Turner Construction has acquired resources to build some of the most important structures throughout the U.S., including:

  • Madison Square Garden (New York City, New York)
  • Science and Engineering Complex at Harvard University (Allston, Massachusetts)
  • Inpatient Tower of Nationwide Children’s Hospital (Columbus, Ohio)

Top Turner government contract in 2022

In March 2022, Turner Construction and three other companies won a five-year $300 million contract for the Facilities Acquisitions for Restoration and Modernization II. The construction firms provided expertise to update Arnold Engineering Development Complex’s equipment and ground test facilities.

Bechtel Corporation

Bechtel government contracts

Photo from Bechtel Corporation Official Website

  • Revenue: $17.5 billion (Fiscal year 2022)
  • Employees: 55,000
  • Established: 1898
  • Headquarters: Reston, Virginia

Bechtel Corporation has consistently ranked among the top construction contracting companies for construction. The company completes over 25,000 projects across 160 countries on all seven continents, offering capabilities in various industries such as defense, information technology, nuclear security, and sustainability.

Some notable structures built by Bechtel Corporation are the following:

  • Western Hoover Dam (Clark Country, Nevada)
  • The Bay Area Rapid Transit (California)
  • Black Rock Wind Farm (West Virginia)

Top Bechtel government contract in 2022

In July 2022, Bechtel Corporation’s entity, Tularosa Basin Range Services, was awarded a potential 10-year contract to manage the operations at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico. The company worked with small businesses such as the Los Alamos Technical Associates for the facility’s management, transportation, and experimentation.

Kiewit Corporation

Kiewit government contracts

Photo from Kiewit Corporation Official Website

  • Revenue: $12.1 billion (FY 2022)
  • Employees: 28,000
  • Established: 1884
  • Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska

Kiewit Corporation is among North America’s largest construction and engineering organizations. Having a safety performance of ten times more than the industry average, the government contractor has taken on different types of complex projects that bore tunnels, produce sustainable energy, and build bridges to connect communities.

Kiewit Corporation is known for building critical infrastructure across the United States and Canada, including:

  • Holland Performing Arts Center (Omaha, Nebraska)
  • Salt Lake City University Line (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • I-229 Corridor (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

Top Kiewit government contract in 2022

In September 2022, Kiewit Building Group, a part of Kiewit Corporation, was one of the seven companies tasked with constructing various medical facilities across the United States. Buildings covered under the eight-year $1 billion contract included hospitals, ambulatory care centers, dental clinics, medical laboratories, and research facilities.

STO Building Group

STO Building group government contracting

  • Revenue: $9.5 billion (FY 2022)
  • Employees: 4,500
  • Established: 1971
  • Headquarters: New York City, New York

STO Building Group (STOBG) owns a family of 13 companies specializing in engineering and construction management. The company has grown exponentially since its founding, now boasting 248 LEED-accredited construction professionals working on projects such as health centers, data centers, and school campuses.

STO Building built a reputation for excellent execution to realize the client’s visions for developments, such as:

  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral Restoration (New York City, New York)
  • Sage Plaza (Houston, Texas)
  • South Hudson Fire Station (Hudson, New Hampshire)

Top STO Building Group government contract in 2022

First announced in October 2021, with work commencing throughout 2022, Ajax Building Company, a part of STOBG, took on the role of construction manager for the 167,000 sq. ft. campus of the St. Petersburg Police Department. The $79 million contract outlined the structure to withstand up to 195 mph wind and house several offices.

Fluor Corporation

Fluor Corporation

Photo from Fluor Corporation Official Website

  • Revenue: $13.7 billion (FY 2022)
  • Employees: 40,000
  • Established: 1912
  • Headquarters: Irving, Texas

Fluor Corporation is a household name in the construction market in the U.S. With over a century in the industry, the company has built a portfolio of industrial, infrastructure, and energy sectors. Some of its most important contributions were to the various clean-up projects for nuclear sites in Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Other notable projects accomplished by Fluor Corporation include:

  • Cooling towers and facilities for Manhattan Project (Hanford, Washington)
  • Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (Northern Alaska)
  • Electrical restoration works (Puerto Rico)

Top Fluor government contract in 2022

In September 2022, Fluor Corporation’s contract won a contract with the Department of Energy for the clean-up efforts of the Savannah River nuclear power plant. The $4.5 billion contract over five years covered cleaning legacy materials, facilities, and remaining Cold War waste, as well as maintenance and management.

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

The Whiting-turner Contracting Company

  • Revenue: $13.7 billion (FY 2022)
  • Employees: 40,000
  • Established: 1912
  • Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company offers construction and general services, such as design-build and integrated delivery projects. As an industry leader in contracting for the federal government, the company has worked with government agencies primarily for the defense sector, such as the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and more.

Some of the most crucial infrastructures built by The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company include the following:

  • Under Armour Performance Center Expansion (Owing Mills, Maryland)
  • Fort Worth Zoo African Savanna (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • Renovation of the University of Virginia Rotunda (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Top Whiting-Turner government contract in 2022

In July 2022, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company received a $111 million contract, tasking the contractor to provide labor, material, and equipment for a new waterfront, shore structure, and other facilities for national security cutters at Pier November in North Charleston, South Carolina.

DPR Construction

DPR Construction

Photo from DPR Construction Official Website

  • Revenue: $7.5 billion (FY 2022)
  • Employees: 9,000
  • Established: 1990
  • Headquarters: Redwood City, California

DPR Construction is one of the biggest construction contractors in the U.S. The company focuses on large, complex, and sustainable projects for commercial, higher education, and federal agencies. With a reputation for outstanding results on technical developments, the company guarantees client satisfaction from beginning to completion.

DPR Construction is responsible for a variety of construction, repair, rehabilitation, and maintenance projects nationwide, such as:

  • National Audio-Visual Conservation Center at the Library of Congress (Washington, D.C.)
  • Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona)
  • UCSF Medical Center (San Francisco, California)

Top DPR Construction government contract in 2022

In September 2022, the joint venture between DPR and RQ Construction was among the seven companies to secure a potential $1 billion award from the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command. The contract required the contractors to build, renovate, and repair medical treatment facilities in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Hawaii.

Skanska USA

Skanska USA

Photo from Skanska Official Website

  • Revenue: $6.9 billion (FY 2022)
  • Employees: 6,500
  • Established: 1971
  • Headquarters: New York City, New York

Skanska USA consistently ranks among the top construction contractors for the federal government. The company is a subsidiary of a multinational construction and engineering firm, Skanska AB, giving it access to the parent company’s diverse expertise in healthcare, education, data centers, aviation, and more.

Skanska USA offers its construction services to some of the most important structures and landmarks in the United States, such as:

  • University of Cincinnati Fifth Third Arena (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, New Jersey)
  • State Route 99 (Seattle, Washington)

Top Skanska USA government contract in 2022

In April 2022, the joint venture between Skanska and RJ Industries won a $309 million contract for various construction works at Hunts Point Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility. Skanska USA’s share of the contract was $248 million, with the expected completion date by March 2026.


AECOM Corporation

Photo from AECOM Official Website

  • Revenue: $13.15 billion (FY 2022)
  • Employees: 51,000
  • Established: 1990
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

AECOM is a construction and infrastructure consulting firm committed to creating sustainable projects that uplift and improve accessibility among communities. The company offers various construction services for governments, businesses, and organizations in over 150 countries.

Some of AECOM’s most prolific infrastructure and construction projects in the United States include:

  • One World Trade Center (New York City, New York)
  • Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Port of Los Angeles Waterfront (Los Angeles, California

Top AECOM government contract in 2022

In April 2022, AECOM and four other contractors secured a $500 million hybrid contract award for international remediation and environmental services. The project aimed to decrease the Conventional Munitions Stockpile of the Department of Defense and handle munitions response concerns through estimated completion by February 15, 2028.

Tutor Perini Corporation

Tutor Perini Corporation

Photo from Tutor Perini Corporation Official Website

  • Revenue: $3.8 billion (FY 2022)
  • Employees: 7,800
  • Established: 1894
  • Headquarters: Sylmar, California

Tutor Perini Corporation has risen to be among the top government contractors for construction. The company focuses on different business groups: civil, which focuses on public infrastructure such as bridges and mass transit systems; building, which includes multi-office and residential towers; and specialty, which covers utility works and systems.

With more than a century of experience in the construction industry, Tutor Perini Corporation has built buildings across the U.S., such as

  • Hudson Yards (New York City, New York)
  • Cosmopolitan Hotel (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center (Washington D.C.)

Top Tutor Perini government contract in 2022

In October 2022, Tutor Perini’s subsidiary, Perini Management Services, won three contracts from the U.S. Coast Guard. Amounting to over $132.5 million, the scope of work covers rebuilding and rehabilitation projects for hurricane-damaged facilities and infrastructure at Base San Juan in Puerto Rico.

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