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Boeing Books $211M Navy Delivery Order for Fighter Jet Flight Control Surface Spares

Boeing (NYSE: BA) has secured a potential $211 million delivery order under a basic ordering agreement to deliver flight control surface spares for the F/A-18 E/F and E/A-18G aircraft to the U.S. Navy and the Australian air force.

The delivery order covers the procurement of nine various configurations of flight control surface spares used on the fighter jets, the Department of Defense said Monday.

The Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support in Philadelphia will obligate $98 million in the Navy’s working capital funds and $5.3 million in Royal Australian Air Force funds on the delivery order.

Eighty-five percent of work will occur in Hazelwood, Missouri, and the rest in  St. Louis, Missouri, though July 2032.

Boeing recently received a potential $211.9 million delivery order to repair flight control surfaces used on the Navy’s fighter jet fleets.

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