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Air Force Solicits Information on On-Aircraft Counter-Small UAS Capabilities

The U.S. Air Force has begun seeking information on technologies and concepts related to a counter-small unmanned aircraft system capability that could be integrated onboard fixed-wing airborne platforms.

Air Mobility Command expects the on-aircraft counter-small UAS capabilities to help improve aircrew situational awareness and aircraft safety by detecting, identifying and defeating small drones that pose threats to flight, according to a sources sought notice published Friday.

“Of primary interest is providing on-aircraft C-sUAS capability during critical phases of fixed-wing flight operations below 16,000 feet, with an objective capability for aircraft ground operations,” the request for information reads.

AMC is asking industry for white papers containing technical details on candidate platforms, including the method of passive and active small UAS detection, identification and tracking, ability to detect small drones that are not emitting radio frequency signals, Technology Readiness Level of candidate platforms and the ability to integrate with other industry counter-small UAS components.

The white paper should also include information on the candidate technology’s size, weight, power and cooling requirements, on-aircraft installation locations for counter-small UAS components, means of kinetic and non-kinetic defeat and environmental conditions that may reduce or limit the effectiveness of the candidate platform.

Industry responses to the RFI are due Aug. 28.

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