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State Department Clears Potential $23B F-16V Aircraft Modernization Deal With Turkey

The State Department has approved the government of Turkey’s request to procure 40 F-16V Block 70 multi-role fighting aircraft and related equipment from the U.S. under a potential $23 billion foreign military sales agreement.

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) will serve as the principal contractor on the proposed deal, which includes 32 F-16C and eight F-16D units and 48 F110-GE-129D engines, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency said Friday.

Turkey also requested AN/APG-83 advanced electronically scanned array radars, improved programmable display generators, modular mission computers, GPS navigation systems and associated components.

In addition, the potential transaction includes training, technical documentation and publications and engineering and logistics support services.

DSCA noted that Turkey seeks to procure the aircraft to expand and modernize its F-16 fleet and retire older planes approaching the end of their service life.

The modernization effort will enable the foreign buyer to strengthen its air defenses and boost interoperability with U.S. and allied forces.

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