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State Department Approves Singapore’s $630M FMS Request for F-15 Munition, Follow-On Support

The State Department has approved Singapore’s request to purchase F-15 munitions, follow-on training and sustainment support and associated equipment from the U.S. government under a potential $630 million foreign military sales agreement.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency said Monday that no principal contractor is involved in the possible FMS transaction and the U.S. government could determine a manpower support provider for defense articles via a competition.

DSCA noted the Singaporean air force will use the equipment and services covered by the contract to train F-15 aircraft pilots as part of the Peace Carvin V Detachment Training Program.

The proposed sale covers MXU-651 air foil groups, MAU-169 or MAU-209 computer control groups, joint direct attack munition tail kits, fuzes, general purpose bombs, precision laser guidance sets and cryptographic devices.

Other items include impulse cartridges and flares, training rounds and practice bombs, aircraft and munitions support equipment and jet fuel.

The U.S. government will not be required to send representatives to Singapore if the FMS agreement is implemented.

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