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Executive Spotlight With Comcast Government Services VP Ken Folderauer Tackles Company’s Goals for 2022, Contract Wins & Federal Sector Work

ExecutiveBiz featured Ken Folderauer, vice president of Comcast Government Services, in its most recent Executive Spotlight interview published Tuesday. He provided details on the company’s efforts in the federal landscape and work to solidify its position to create a stronger digital future. Other discussions focused on Comcast Government Services’ significant contract awards, 2022 goals and biggest areas of opportunity.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Folderauer:

“2022 will bring enhanced innovation and increased competition among providers to offer new and innovative ways to help the federal government modernize their networks, improve performance and ultimately, save money. We’re looking forward to gaining an additional foothold in this critical space and creating new products and services geared toward the unique needs of not just the federal government, but also the state and local governments.”

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