Executive Mosaic Announces 2021 Wash100 Popular Vote Standings Winner; Jim Garrettson Comments

Following months of anticipation and a record-shattering turnout of votes and participation from the government contracting (GovCon) community, Executive Mosaic is thrilled to announce that Dr. Stacey Dixon, deputy director of the National Geospatial Agency (NGA), has secured first place in the 2021 Wash100 Vote Standings.

After the selection of the industry’s most consequential leaders, Executive Mosaic goes to the community itself to vote on the popularity of those winners. Over the years, we have seen shifting results but no previous year has seen this volume of participation and a major shift towards the significant number of winners from Government versus GovCon services.

“The award aims to recognize already accomplished executives on what we feel they WILL do in the year to come. This represents a vote of confidence and maybe even a little extra pressure on the heels of a pandemic that is a tall order of heightened expectation,” said Jim Garrettson, founder and CEO of Executive Mosaic.

Here are the final Top 10 results for the 2021 Wash100 Vote Standings:

“Congratulations to National Geospatial Agency (NGA) Deputy Director, Dr. Stacey Dixon, for her incredible Wash100 win! Dr. Dixon is a highly respected Intelligence leader and has been instrumental in delivering on-demand digital learning (much like Digital U) for her NGA workforce, with a focus on driving diversity and inclusion,” said Air Force CIO Lauren Knausenberger.

In previous years, the Wash100 Vote Standings winner would secure first place with less than a thousand votes, but Dixon received almost four times as many votes to win the most competitive Wash100 voting season in the eight-year history of the award.

This also marks the first time a government official has received the most votes in the Wash100 Vote Standings after seven years of the honor going to an elite member of industry.

“Congrats also to her campaign manager, Vice Admiral Robert Sharp, for one of the best campaign strategies in history,” Knausenberger added.

“Launching a last-minute sneak attack to show the world Dr. Dixon is the best,” said VADM Robert Sharp, NGA director, Wash100 campaign manager and two-time Wash100 recipient himself. “ PS – Go Navy, Beat Air Force!”

Every year, the Wash100 Award gains more prestige within our community to represent the efforts and accomplishments as well as the diversity and representation of the most significant leaders of consequence to the federal landscape.

The participation and overwhelming turnout from the GovCon and federal community in this year’s voting season clearly demonstrates the importance of the Wash100 Award and its place in the federal sector to recognize the success of our key members and showcase their initiatives to drive the federal sector forward.

“Take a moment as you read this to think of someone who has made an impact on you and tell them. Federal service is hard and it takes a lot of luck and perseverance to get things done,” emphasized Knausenberger. “It’s incredibly rewarding, nothing else comes close, so let’s keep all of these warfighters and civil servants fueled with knowledge of their amazing impact!”

Visit Wash100.com to learn more about all 100 recipients of the 2021 Wash100 Award with Executive Mosaic’s exclusive profiles as well as all previous winners in the award’s prestigious eight-year history.

Executive Mosaic would like to thank everyone who voted and participated in this year’s Wash100 voting season. Everyone from the voters to the campaign managers to the 2021 Wash100 recipients themselves all played their part in making this the best year in Wash100 history. The Wash100 Award’s prestige only continues to grow each year as a result of your involvement and Executive Mosaic is honored to present the most prestigious award in GovCon.

“We will follow these winners closely throughout the year ahead and whilst we stand firmly upon our past record of successfully picking exceptional winners (see for yourself at Wash100.com). The award aims to turn over about 50% each year, represents an inclusive cross section, promotes leadership and focuses on current national interests, security and technology,” Garrettson added.

Executive Mosaic would like to congratulate Stacey Dixon for securing first place and every Wash100 recipient for their leadership, vision, drive for innovation and reliability in our community.

Check out the final results for the 2021 Wash100 Vote Standings and get your nominations ready for the 2022 Wash100 Award. After this year’s results, Executive Mosaic is already planning for next year’s voting season with great anticipation. Next year, let’s make an even bigger splash!

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