Senate Votes to Turn $740.5B Defense Policy Bill Into Law

Senate Votes to Turn $740.5B Defense Policy Bill Into Law
US Capitol

The Senate moved to pass the $740.5B National Defense Authorization Act into law via an 81-13 vote Friday that overruled President Donald Trump’s veto of the NDAA, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The upper chamber’s decision came days after the House overrode the president’s veto of the defense policy bill in a 322-87 vote.

The annual defense measure allocates funds for ships, aircraft, nuclear weapons and other national security initiatives and includes an increase in hazard pay for warfighters.

Trump rejected the measure over provisions that would remove names of Confederate leaders from military bases, establish restrictions on the withdrawal of troops from Germany and Afghanistan and provide social media companies legal immunity for content users post online, also known as Section 230.

The legislation limits the chief executive’s power to use emergency funds for military construction, directs U.S. companies to register their real owners and restricts current and former defense industrial base employees from working directly for companies controlled or owned by the Chinese government.

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