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Congress Passes Short-Term Stopgap Measure to Avert Government Shutdown

Congress passed a short-term stopgap measure Thursday to prevent a partial government shutdown at the end of the week and give lawmakers time to finalize a full-year spending bill, NBC News reported Friday.

The continuing resolution passed both the House and Senate, on 320-99 and 77-13 votes, as part of a bipartisan spending deal covering six of the 12 appropriation measures that provides funding to federal agencies including departments of Veterans Affairs, Energy, Agriculture, Commerce, Interior, Justice and Transportation.

The CR has been sent to President Biden’s desk for signature before the Friday expiration of an earlier stopgap measure passed in January.

The new CR will fund the government for another week through March 8.

Congress will vote on the remaining six appropriation measures on March 22.

“In the days ahead, Congress must do its job and pass full-year funding bills that deliver for the American people,” Biden said.

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