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DOD’s Ellen Purdy to Address Spectrum Capabilities in Digital Battlespace

Ellen Purdy, director of emerging capabilities, prototyping initiatives and analysis at the Department of Defense, will be featured as a keynote speaker during Potomac Officers Club’s Achieving Spectrum Dominance in the Digital Battlespace Virtual Event on Jan. 26.

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As the future of warfare becomes increasingly reliant on information and digital tactics, our adversaries are employing information warfare to achieve overmatch – even before the physical war begins.

To register for the Achieving Spectrum Dominance in the Digital Battlespace Virtual Event, as well as view upcoming opportunities, visit Potomac Officers Club’s Event Page

During the event, Purdy will discuss the electromagnetic spectrum’s challenges, including spectrum competition in a contested and congested environment, and how enablers such as partnerships and technological innovation can overcome these hurdles.

In her role with DOD, Purdy is responsible for financial and technical oversight leading to the rapid development of fieldable prototypes and capability. Her efforts address emerging needs in spectrum access, autonomy, communications, sensing, and electronic warfare. She also leads the $500 million Spectrum Access R&D Program.

Purdy also assesses the resilience of new capabilities against adaptive adversaries and fosters collaborative engagement with the traditional defense industry, non-traditional commercial sector organizations and academia to pursue innovative solutions. 

In Nov. 2020, DOD released the “2020 Department of Defense Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy.” The strategy has outlined how the military will guarantee access to the spectrum, which facilitates GPS, radio, satellite and cell phone communications, as well as how the military plans to master that spectrum while on the battlefield.

“The rise of mobile systems and digital technology across the globe has placed enormous strain on the available spectrum for DOD’s command, control and communication needs,” said Dana Deasy, DOD chief information officer and 2020 Wash100 Award recipient. 

“This strategy will help set the conditions needed to ensure our warfighters have freedom of action within the electromagnetic spectrum to successfully conduct operations and training in congested, contested and constrained multi-domain environments across the globe,” Deasy continued. 

Potomac Officers Club’s Achieving Spectrum Dominance in the Digital Battlespace Virtual Event will also feature notable leaders across the private and public sectors to address how innovation and modernization across defense will increase the speed of understanding, analyzing and acting on an explosion of data on the Digital Battlespace.

To register for the Achieving Spectrum Dominance in the Digital Battlespace Virtual Event, as well as view upcoming opportunities, visit Potomac Officers Club’s Event Page

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