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Karen Dahut of Google Public Sector Seizes Number One Spot With Few Days Remaining in Wash100 Popular Vote

Karen Dahut of Google Public Sector Seizes Number One Spot With Few Days Remaining in Wash100 Popular Vote

It’s red alert hours here at Executive Mosaic headquarters — less than one week remains in the 2024 Wash100 popular vote contest. When the clock strikes midnight on May 1, you will no longer be able to foist your support behind your favorite executives in government contracting. Then, just a couple of days later, when all of the votes are tabulated, we will have a new popular vote champion! And there’s lots of movement in the list with only days remaining. In fact, we have a new number one as of this writing. But more on that in a moment…

As a refresh for the uninitiated, the Wash100 Award is widely considered the highest honor in GovCon. It is an over one-decade tradition wherein EM’s discerning voting committee elects the 100 leaders it has decided are the standard bearers of the GovCon industry as the market pushes forth into the modernized future. Winners evince outstanding innovation, vision and reliability.

The popular vote is the public’s chance to support their favorite recipients of each year’s award. If you haven’t participated yet, we urge you to do so now; before you know it, there won’t be another chance until next year!

After a seven-week stint at the top of the ranking, Judi Dotson of Booz Allen Hamilton has fallen to number two, supplanted by Google Public Sector CEO Karen Dahut, the current number one standing candidate! Congratulations to Karen and her team, for the time being. But don’t celebrate yet — a lot could happen over these next handful of days.

A regularly successful player in the race is Carahsoft CEO and Founder Craig Abod, who has won the Wash100 Award a stunning 10 times. Abod ascended one spot to number three during the last week. Bronze is definitely respectable, but can he break through to silver or even gold?

We also have our eye on Oracle’s Kim Lynch, who moved from number seven to number six and could break through to the top five at any moment. Candice Ling, president of Microsoft Federal, has enjoyed one of the more agile trajectories in this race, beginning near the bottom of the top 30 in January and steadily making her way upward. Ling has now finally cracked the top 10, rising from number 12 to number nine in the last seven days. Don’t count her out and if you’re a fan, show her some love!

Elsewhere, Anthony Robbins of NVIDIA fought his way to the brink of the top 10 in only a week’s time, rising from number 13 to number 11, while SandboxAQ’s Jen Sovada continued her impressive showing in the last few weeks with a three-spot jump to number 16.

It’s not over until it’s over. Tell your friends and family about the final push for Wash100 popular vote glory; join the fun now!

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