Okta’s Habib Hourani: Further Insight Into User’s Activity Key to Frictionless Authentication

Okta’s Habib Hourani: Further Insight Into User’s Activity Key to Frictionless Authentication
Habib Hourani Solutions Engineer Okta

Habib Hourani, a solutions engineer at San Francisco-based identity management services provider Okta (Nasdaq: OKTA), said having deeper insights into employees and citizens could help agencies achieve frictionless and secure authentication and improve customer experience.

“Advances in authentication are giving us a deeper understanding of the context around employees’ activities, which makes the process more secure without hindering the end user’s productivity,” Hourani wrote. “In other words, agencies can achieve a higher level of assurance about each individual user’s risk.”

He noted that enabling government employees to be client-focused and productive requires agencies to adopt a “best-in-breed approach to tools” and establish an environment that allows those tools to thrive.

Hourani discussed how the company’s Advanced Server Access platform could help agencies manage user access using the OAuth 2.0 framework and zero trust approach.

“That approach also enables agencies to automate the process of onboarding new users and deprovisioning accounts when employees leave the agency,” he wrote. “It offers an additional layer of security that’s not apparent to the end user but is incredibly important for the organization.”

Hourani called on agencies to implement strategies and tools to streamline the registration and enrollment processes for citizens and improve their access to government services.

“Agencies must take a different approach to single sign-on and multifactor authentication for citizens and go beyond relying on passwords so we can eliminate vectors for threat actors to break into accounts,” he noted.

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