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GovConWire to Host “How to Increase Cybersecurity and Return on Investment of Existing PIV Infrastructure for Cross-Agency Encryption” Webinar on June 30th

GovConWire will host “How to Increase Cybersecurity and Return on Investment of Existing PIV Infrastructure for Cross-Agency Encryption” Webinar on Tuesday, June 30th, free of cost.

The event will feature speakers from across the technology industry that will discuss the impacts and implications of wide scale adoption of PIV encryption between federal agencies.

The webinar will also explore the challenges both the public and private sector will face when adhering to OMB directive M-19-17. After the event, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how federal agencies can increase the return on investment and cybersecurity by using their existing PIV and PKI encryption infrastructure by using it the way it was intended.

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This webinar will feature a variety of experts from across the marketplace, including four keynote speakers and one moderator to dive into the importance of encryption, barriers to adoption and how new technologies are solving these challenges.

Moderator: Mike Horkey, Founder and CEO of Tru-Concepts LLC

Mike Horkey Founder and CEO Tru-Concepts
Mike Horkey, Founder and CEO Tru-Concepts

Mike Horkey, founder and CEO of Tru-Concepts LLC, has more than 30 years of experience in the technology industry, focusing primarily on the security, privacy and electronic payments solutions market, with a heavy focus in the identity management, access management and e-wallet sectors. He has created unique solutions for the SMB, mid-market and large companies, across all global regions and vertical markets.

Horkey is currently focused on acting as a consultant, creating conceptual architectures for clients which draw individual products/services from a large-scale, pre-integrated solution made up of industry leading products and services, then customizing the solution to account for the unique needs of each client.

Speaker: Sam Andoni, Founder and President, Zeva Inc.

Sam Andoni Founder and President Zeva
Sam Andoni, Founder and President of Zeva

Sam Andoni, founder and president, Zeva Inc., is an established thought leader, who has obtained multiple U.S. patents. Andoni’s leadership and advanced technical skills have formed the backbone of Zeva Inc. and its ability to produce cutting-edge encryption technologies that solve previously unsolvable problems for its clients.

During his Ph.D. studies in Information Security, Andoni was recruited by Microsoft where he obtained a senior position and became an industry-recognized expert in the fields of Security and Identity Management.

Additionally, Andoni has obtained the following industry certificates: CNE, MCSE, MCT, CCNA, CCDA, CISSP, and CISM. Andoni’s expertise proved instrumental for Andoni when he founded Zeva Inc. in 2005. Since the company’s founding, Andoni has grown the solutions, expertise and revenue into an industry-leading technology firm.

Zeva has recently acquired NextgenID, a provider of government-approved Trusted Identity Assurance, Management, and Credentialing solutions to unite the company with the Zeva Holdings Group and expand its technology offerings.

The NextgenID acquisition will enable Zeva to expand its IAM offerings and develop a cohesive sales strategy, to deliver expanded technologies and expertise for existing Zeva customers and  NextgenID customers.

“Zeva Inc. remains committed to delivering best-in-class IAM solutions to highly regulated government and commercial entities. This acquisition represents a strategic augmentation of our existing solution set,” said Andoni.

Speaker: Dr. Chris Edwards, Chief Technical Officer of Intercede

Dr. Chris Edwards
Dr. Chris Edwards, CTO of Intercede

Dr. Chris Edwards, chief technical officer of Intercede, has over 30 years’ senior level experience within the IT industry, 16 of them within the security sector.

With Intercede, he has utilized his knowledge in the field to develop the initial design of the company’s MyID product, a credential management system that helps large enterprises and governments issue and manage millions of employee and citizen digital identities.

He was instrumental in making MyID the first electronic personalization system to achieve FIPS 201 accreditation as part of the US HSPD-12 PIV Approved Products Scheme, and has substantial experience of working on both US and UK government security projects.

Edwards now leads the Intercede Labs team, developing new product solutions to meet emerging challenges in the silicon-to-service ecosystem.

Speaker: Kyle Neuman, Managing Director, SAFE Identity

Kyle Neuman
Kyle Neuman, Managing Director of SAFE Identity

Kyle Neuman, managing director of SAFE Identity, developed a security solution development that has driven real ROI for the health community. His leadership has assisted technical specialists at SAFE Identity collaborate to improve security through flawless execution and a practical approach.

Recently, SAFE Identity partnered with the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (H-ISAC) on June 1st to enable H-ISAC members to join the SAFE Policy Management Authority (PMA), the governing body of the SAFE Identity Trust Framework.

“Existing members can continue to utilize the ecosystem for the use cases and principles on which SAFE-BioPharma was founded while also taking advantage of the new capabilities SAFE is bringing to the table,” Neuman stated in regards to the framework.

The framework will enable members to vote on identity policies and join working groups aimed at helping healthcare organizations implement strong identity solutions as well as address identity challenges faced across healthcare.

“As we examine the future, we look forward to advising H-ISAC on the principles necessary to leverage a federated infrastructure and start tackling the most pressing identity challenges in healthcare including TEFCA and health information exchange, identification of medical devices, blockchain technology, and achieving a true portable patient ID that can be used across healthcare,” Neuman added.

Speaker: Jeff Nigriny, President and Founder of Certipath

Jeff Nigriny
Jeff Nigriny, President, Founder of Certipath

Jeff Nigriny, president and founder of Certipath has committed his career to helping government and commercial customers reduce the cost and increase the reliability and scalability of identity assurance associated with even the most massive projects.

His efforts focus on overcoming the core challenges of identity and access management. To do so, Nigriny has invented commonly used identity technology, helped to write Federal identity policy and authored Virginia’s digital identity law.

Last year, CertiPath announced that the company created a blockchain gateway on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T). While blockchain is often associated with cryptocurrency applications, CertiPath has integrated the technology in transaction logs that span multiple enterprises that require non-repudiation.

Within the distributed ledgers segment, CertiPath’s technology will ensure usage at scale will be possible across a range of stakeholders. DHS Custom and Border Protection (CBP) is an example of an organization that was in need of a point of aggregation.

“We saw that organizations… were up against immense challenges when foodborne illness outbreaks occurred. CBP participating in blockchains will be a quantum leap forward in their ability to instantly access data. However, CBP cannot prescribe to commercial organizations what specific ledgers they must use,” said Nigriny. “CBP, in this way, must be able to participate in as many blockchains as are represented by all those they serve and normalize the data they receive.”

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