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NASA to Name Artemis Lander Contractors in Teleconference

Jeff Brody

NASA is set to reveal the contractors it selected to develop human landing systems for a manned lunar mission in 2024.

The space agency said Tuesday it will administer a teleconference on Thursday to make the announcement. The effort’s first completed HLS platform will launch on a journey to the moon under the Artemis program.

NASA issued a final solicitation in late 2019 for a system that would help astronauts land on the lunar surface.

Artemis aims to revive manned exploration and eventually bring astronauts to Mars. The program also seeks to attain lunar surface sustainability by 2028.

Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator, and Doug Loverro, associate administrator of the agency’s Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, will be present in the teleconference. Executives from the HLS program office will also be there.

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