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Salesforce’s Casey Coleman: Cloud Platforms Can ‘Build Trust’ in Government Services

Casey Coleman

Casey Coleman, senior vice president of global government solutions at Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), said that agencies should implement cloud computing platforms to address the needs of people they serve and increase their confidence in the government.

Coleman wrote that cloud services could enable agencies to immediately address the “trust gap” between the public’s expectations and “what government has been able to deliver.”

“Cloud platforms can introduce innovation continuously, allowing agencies to quickly adapt to changing missions and take advantage of new technologies while modernizing legacy systems along the way,” she wrote.

Coleman cited how agencies could apply artificial intelligence, drones, the internet of things, autonomous vehicles and other technology platforms in the age of intelligence to interact with and deliver services to the public.

Agencies seeking to enhance public trust in government services can start small and build up momentum as they gain insights from their peers, Coleman noted.

She also addressed how Amtrak reclassified legacy systems and applications into productivity work spaces for its employees and improved its operations through a mobile app.

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