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Deltek’s Chris Dixon Cites State HIX Issues Learned from Implementation

healthcare-systemChris Dixon, a senior research manager at Deltek, outlined lessons that government contractors can learn from the health insurance marketplace’s implementation in a Washington Post article published Thursday.

Dixon writes that 14 states and the District of Columbia have built online health exchanges and some of those sites encountered glitches or failed to draw enrollees.

Federal guidelines should not be blamed the failures because a few states managed to roll out exchanges with only minor problems, according to Dixon.

“If a few states were able to launch successfully, they all should have been able to do so, ” Dixon writes.

He observed some IT project management issues in areas such as oversight and accountability, progress reporting and contract work coordination.

“Lackadaisical oversight can result, especially when the federal government is distracted by designing a similar system and has yet to be able to share best practices.”

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