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Contract Award- Boeing – $23 Million – Air Force

The US Air Force has awarded Boeing a follow on contract for targeting software upgrade for the B-1 bomber. The work under the contract, worth $23 million, is expected to enter testing in 2011.

Under the contract, Boeing will provide an upgrade to the Laptop Controlled Targeting Pod software currently used on the B-1 bomber. The upgrade will allow single-moving-target-kill capabilities when using the Guided Bomb Unit-54 Laser Joint Direct Attack Munitions.

The upgrades will also improve the targeting of stationary targets, sending the GPS coordinates from the B-1 navigation systems directly to the weapons. Mahesh Reddy, program manager for Boeing’s B-1 program, said “The B-1 is a highly adaptable platform capable of contributing in all types of warfare. Continuing to upgrade the bomber and its tactics, such as the targeting pod, allows it to remain flexible and reliable.”

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