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Dr. Randy Yamada, Vice President of Booz Allen, is a Panelist for the 10th Annual R&D Summit

Dr. Randy Yamada, Vice President of Booz Allen, is a Panelist for the 10th Annual R&D Summit

Dr. Randy Yamada is the Vice President of Booz Allen. He is responsible for directing the innovation and development of advanced sensor technologies, space exploration systems, and radio frequency electronics. He also manages Booz Allen’s engineering laboratories throughout the United States, which are dedicated to creating and advancing robotics, cyber-physical systems, and cutting-edge radio systems. 


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Who is Randy Yamada?


Randy Yamada is a technical leader focusing on signal processing and control systems integral to artificial intelligence, autonomous operations, and space exploration. He leads cross-functional teams of technologists, engineers, and scientists, guiding them from the prototype phase to deploying systems for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), robotics, electronic warfare, and communications.


Randy Yamada collaborated with AEye, a company that specializes in Lidar detection technology, to push the boundaries of Lidar in aerospace and defense. As a thought leader, Dr. Yamada participated in the Trusted AI & Autonomy Forum, which dove into cultivating trust in AI mission-critical applications. 


Catch Randy Yamada at the Potomac Officers Club’s 10th Annual R&D Summit


The Potomac Officers Club will host its 10th Annual R&D Summit on January 31, 2024, at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia. This event will offer a chance to engage with prominent figures, including leaders, researchers, and policymakers in the defense sector.


The summit will feature discussions on critical topics like overcoming the valley of death, dominating the great power competition, mastering the virtual battlespace, and securing a lead in innovation. 


Dr. Randy Yamada from Booz Allen will be a part of the “The Great Power Competition” panelists. He will bring valuable insights into defense technology shaped by his experience as a former Chief Engineer, where he provided technical consulting for radar, sensor, and communication systems.


Dr. Yamada will be joined by other speakers, including Patrick Baker, Jess Black, Scott Cain, and moderator Randy Fields.


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Randy Yamada at Booz Allen


Dr. Randy Yamada has been a key figure at Booz Allen Hamilton since 2006. His work encompasses analyzing, designing, developing, and deploying cutting-edge capabilities in unmanned systems, signals intelligence, geospatial intelligence, and satellite systems. 


Among his notable contributions are the patented technique for vehicle identification through electromagnetic emissions (U.S. Patent #9354265) and communications security. His innovative efforts span various projects for federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, and the Intelligence Community.


How Booz Allen advances defense research and development


Booz Allen Hamilton has contributed to defense research and development in various areas, including: 


Disruptive Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) R&D


Booz Allen won a contract from the U.S. Army valued at $151 million for research, development, and technological services. This contract emphasizes pioneering ISR and advanced science and technology efforts.


Soldier-as-a-System Concept


Booz Allen received a $919 million task order from the Department of Defense to aid in the research and development of the soldier-as-a-system initiative. The project provides domestic and international combatants with a cohesive system that improves combat effectiveness, resilience, and battlefield awareness.


Support for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency


Booz Allen was awarded an $850 million IDIQ contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to deliver comprehensive Science and Engineering Technical Assistance (SETA) spanning a range of disciplines and domains. 


Booz Allen is set to supply 110 on-site SETA personnel specializing in air, space, ground, maritime, microsystems, biological, chemical, and physical sciences.


Advanced analytics platform development


In 2019, Booz Allen engineered an advanced analytics platform, Advana, for the Department of Defense (DoD). The platform renders easily discoverable, understandable, and actionable data that is particularly beneficial in finance, contracts, and logistics.


Support for the F-35 Program


Since 2016, Booz Allen has contributed to the F-35 Lightning II Program by utilizing its key functional expertise in engineering, analytics, digital, cyber, mission, industry capabilities, strategy, and management to reduce costs throughout the program.


Next-generation data solutions


Booz Allen developed next-generation data solutions for the Department of Defense based on an open architecture approach for enterprise-to-edge data intelligence.

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