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Fearless Awarded CMS CyberGeek Contract Extension

Fearless Awarded CMS CyberGeek Contract Extension

Baltimore, Maryland-based digital services integrator Fearless will continue to help the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services improve the security and privacy of CMS systems and sensitive data under an extension to the CyberGeek contract.

Fearless said it will work with Coforma and CivicActions to help the CMS Information Security and Privacy Group build a single platform to ensure the security of sensitive government and personal data handled by the agency’s information systems.

“Interoperability is key in connecting systems,” said Nichole Weems, health and sciences portfolio director at Fearless.

“However, connecting people and varying resources to those systems is the prerequisite of true interoperability and I’m elated that CMS has trusted Fearless to execute their vision from spike to production via CyberGeek,” Weems added.

Under the original contract, Fearless delivered the security.cms.gov pilot and helped ISPG convert 95 percent of static PDF documents into HTML content and safeguard more than 240 CMS systems through security programs and policies.

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