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2024 Wash100_John Heller

Amentum CEO John Heller Earns 8th Wash100 Award for Spearheading Company’s Strategic Transformation

Executive Mosaic is pleased to name Amentum CEO John Heller as a 2024 Wash100 Award winner. Heller’s eighth win recognizes his strategic transformation of Amentum and his efforts to drive the organization’s expansion through M&A initiatives.

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Each year, Executive Mosaic selects the top 100 most innovative, influential and impactful executives of consequence to its prestigious Wash100 list. These men and women are senior executives in the federal government and government contracting industry, and they’re chosen to the Wash100 list not only because of their past accomplishments but also because they’re uniquely positioned to shape the GovCon landscape this year and into the future.

“While I am honored to receive the Wash100 Award, it’s really a reflection of Amentum’s achievement,” Heller said of the award. “This award recognizes Amentum as a leader and high performance company in our industry. It recognizes our Amentum team for their success driving our growth strategy, expanding our business into new markets and positioning Amentum as a leader delivering modernization solutions to maintain our customers’ global competitive edge.”

Heller previously served as CEO of PAE and became the CEO of Amentum after the company’s $1.9 billion all-cash acquisition of PAE in February 2022.

“John Heller, now an 8-time Wash100 winner, took the helm of Amentum two years ago and has set in motion ‘Amentum 2.0’ — a bold and ambitious strategy to transform the organization and realign itself around the company’s core markets and capabilities,” said Executive Mosaic CEO and Wash100 Award founder Jim Garrettson.

“Now, as Amentum prepares to acquire Jacobs’ critical mission solutions and cyber and intelligence businesses, John has optimally strengthened the enterprise as a leader in the GovCon market and a powerful competitor and provider of energy, space exploration, intelligence-analytics and digital modernization offerings to the U.S. government. His innovation and leadership have again earned John a spot on the GovCon industry’s most coveted Wash100 Award list,” Garrettson added.

In an exclusive video interview with Executive Mosaic in March 2023, Heller outlined his “Amentum 2.0” strategy and shared his priorities for the company as it embarked on a new era of growth and transformation. Heller’s top priorities of growth, leadership, team building, synergies and enterprise transformation helped to put a “bold” and forward-leaning vision in place for the business, he said.

“The company went through major transformation over the last three years, and really in two and a half years doubled in size — approximately 45,000 employees operating around the world in over 75 countries. That’s significant change that took place,” Heller said in conversation with Executive Mosaic’s Summer Myatt.

Now, Amentum is on the cusp of even more transformative change as it prepares to merge with ​​Jacobs Solutions’ critical mission solutions and cyber and intelligence businesses, forming a new publicly traded government technology services contractor.

The deal is expected to result in the creation of an independent company with an annual revenue of approximately $13 billion, a combined backlog of about $50 billion and a workforce of more than 53,000 employees.

“Uniting our great organizations – Amentum, CMS, and Cyber & Intelligence Solutions – creates a leading provider of systems integration and technology solutions with the talent, scope, scale and footprint to deliver excellence and a wider range of solutions for our clients. Our combined company will deliver extensive expertise in the government’s highest priority areas of energy, space exploration, intelligence and analytics, and digital modernization. We look forward to the union of our strong teams and a bright future ahead,” said Heller of the business deal.

In addition to driving Amentum’s M&A activity, Heller has also been instrumental in leading the organization to secure key contracts in its core market areas.

Amentum won several C5ISR contracts over the past year, including a $441 million contract with the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command and a $329 million contract with the U.S. Army to engineer and test prototype technologies that will be used in C5ISR applications. The company also won a spot on the Defense Logistics Agency’s potential 10-year, $3.2 billion contract vehicle for C5ISR services.

In the environmental cleanup arena, Amentum and its partner BWXT Technologies won a $45 billion contract to manage tank waste at the Department of Energy’s Hanford Site. And with Fluor and Cavendish Nuclear, Amentum won a potential 10-year, $5.87 billion DOE contract for decontamination and decommissioning services on a gaseous diffusion plant site.

And notably, Amentum landed several contracts with the U.S. Navy, including a $321 million contract to modernize the service’s submarine C5I systems, a $592 million contract for follow-on technical services to international naval forces and an $818 million contract to modernize and maintain F-16 fighter jets used in air combat training.

Executive Mosaic congratulates John Heller and Amentum on their continued selection to the Wash100 list.

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