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RTX Secures $81M Hypersonic Air-Breathing Weapon Concept Contract Modification

RTX (NYSE: RTX) has secured an $81 million contract modification to continue supporting a joint initiative between the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the U.S. Air Force to build a hypersonic air-breathing weapon system

The modification brings the total cumulative value of the company’s HAWC contract from $272 million to $353 million, the Department of Defense said Friday.

Services will occur in Tucson, Arizona, and Point Mugu, California, through January 2026. DARPA is using research and development allocation for fiscal years 2022 and 2023 to fund the modification.

In 2016, the legacy Raytheon secured a potential $174.7 million contract to perform research work under the second phase of the HAWC initiative.

DARPA and the Air Force completed the second free flight test of the missile technology powered by a scramjet engine from Northrop Grumman in July 2022.

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