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Top 10 Shakes Up & SAIC Enters Top 20 With a Splash in 2023 Wash100 Popular Vote Contest

One month remains in the 2023 Wash100 Award popular vote contest. Let that sink in for a second. It means that you have only four weeks to cast your contributions into the fire of the hottest, most thrilling race in all of government contracting. (Stoke the flames today at Wash100.com! Everyone gets 10 votes)

This week, there are two new entrants to the top 30 and significant movement within the top 10, so there is still a close and very competitive race going on, a whole two months after the full winners list was announced on that fateful morning in January.

The Wash100, if you’re unfamiliar, is the yearly compilation by Executive Mosaic of the finest, most impactful individuals shaping the GovCon and federal spheres. These high-profile leaders are the architects and enablers of national security, defense, intelligence from across the public and private sectors. They are chosen based on their stellar innovation, vision and reliability, among other qualities, and are EM’s best bets for who is poised to dominate the GovCon space in the coming year and beyond.

Don’t deliberate. Well, not too much anyway. Visit Wash100.com right now to vote for your favorites from the Wash100 class of 2023.

Shawn Purvis, CEO of QinetiQ’s U.S. arm and a three-time consecutive Wash100 winner, received strong support throughout this year’s competition, but it was not until March that she began revealing her true potential, holding on firmly to the number 10 spot for the last few weeks. However, she gained new ground this week, moving up to number nine. Don’t count Purvis out, that’s for sure.

First-time Wash100 recipient and Illuminate CEO Tameika Hollis, who at one point was solidly in the top five of the ranking, is climbing her way back up. She moved from number seven to number six over the course of the week and threatens to potentially shift the seemingly immovable force of Carahsoft’s Craig Abod at number one, Microsoft Federal’s Rick Wagner at number two, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin at number three and Microsoft Federal’s Wes Anderson at number four. Lt. Gen. Telita Crosland, director of the Defense Health Agency, sits at number five, but has essentially been jockeying with Hollis throughout the competition as the top four’s most formidable challenger. Will one of them finally unseat one of these titans? You can help decide.

Finally, the newbies. Bob Genter of SAIC entered the top 30 for the first time this year during the last week at number 19. Also displaying a late competition surge was the same company’s CEO, Nazzic Keene, who burst onto the list at number 11. The final third of this competition may yet be the story of SAIC.

If you want to play a role in determining how next week’s recap turns out, visit Wash100.com to cast votes in this highly enjoyable competition.

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