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Video Interview: Siemens Government Technologies CEO John Ustica Talks Digital Twins & Modernization

The United States government has placed a high priority on digital modernization as agencies rise to address the growing challenges posed by today’s increasingly digital world. At Siemens Government Technologies, CEO and President John Ustica is helping bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms for public sector customers using emerging technologies like digital twins and modeling.

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“No other company can really connect the real and the digital world like we can. What that does for our customers is it allows much faster cycle times in making improvements,” said Ustica, a 2023 Wash100 Award winner, in an exclusive video interview with Executive Mosaic.

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A digital twin is a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical object, asset or process. With a myriad of uses and applications across a multitude of industries, digital twins are changing the way organizations operate.

“It’s really an acceleration tool,” Ustica said of the digital twin, noting that it can enable speed and allow organizations to model elements of their business in the virtual world without risking their physical assets.

“You can do something much faster in the digital world, you can do it much safer in the digital world, and you can make sure when you deploy it, it works,” continued Ustica.

Digital twins can also help companies navigate post-COVID financial obstacles and some of the market challenges — inflation, potential recession and higher interest rates — impacting the GovCon industry today.

“Companies now are thinking that we’ve got to sharpen the pencils in terms of how we get the most for our dollar,” said Ustica, pointing to software and digital twins as tools companies can use to improve their cost efficiency.

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