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Diving Into 3 Key Navy Modernization Strategies

Diving Into 3 Key Navy Modernization Strategies

Modernization is a top priority for the Department of Defense, and many department-wide modernization initiatives are currently underway. Though these efforts have a broad reach across the organization, individual DOD components are supplementing them with tailored approaches to their own specific challenges.

To address the unique demands of shifts in the maritime environment, the Department of the Navy recently released several new strategies targeting a variety of areas in need of modernization.

These strategies are some of the topics that may be discussed at the Potomac Officers Club’s 2024 Annual Navy Summit in August. The event will bring together key leaders from across the DON to discuss a wide array of the department’s priorities. To learn more and secure your spot at the event, click here.

Keep reading for a look into three DON strategies focused on science and technology, cyber and shipbuilding.

2024 Naval Science and Technology Strategy

Earlier this month, the DON released its new science and technology strategy, which Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro, a 2024 Wash100 Award winner, described as a guide for the Navy and Marine Corps to navigate “an innovation race.”

“This strategy is a global call to service for scientists, engineers, inventors and innovators from academia, industry and government to work with us in solving naval problems to ensure our freedom and way of life,” he said.

The strategy’s priorities include autonomy, naval aerospace, power and energy, undersea systems and command control communication computers, cyber, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, among many others. It aims to help the DON adapt to an accelerated pace of technological change through training and partnerships.

Long-Range Shipbuilding Plan

In March, the Navy released this new 30-year shipbuilding roadmap to help determine courses of action in creating its future fleet. The plan offers a more comprehensive look at the Navy’s scheduled decommissioning of 19 vessels in fiscal year 2025 and provides more details on the service lives of these ships.

It also forecasts two potential funding scenarios, the first of which is informed by the 2023 Battle Force Ship Assessment and Requirement study and demands more funding than requested in the DON’s budget proposal. The other predicts a more limited use of resources and identifies what the Navy can build and maintain in the absence of funding increases.

DON Cyber Strategy

The DON released its first-ever cyber strategy in November, a move that aligns with the broader DOD Cyber Strategy and National Defense Strategy. Shaped by seven lines of effort, the strategy “builds on years of lessons learned from cyber domain operations across the globe,” according to Del Toro.

“We are focused on aggressively enhancing our cyber enterprise, while fostering cooperation and collaboration with our allies and partners,” he said.

The strategy’s lines of effort include improving and supporting the cyber workforce; shifting from compliance to cyber readiness; defending enterprise information technology, data and networks; securing defense critical infrastructure and weapon systems; conducting and facilitating cyber operations; partnering to secure the defense industrial base; and fostering cooperation and collaboration.

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