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Constellis CEO Terry Ryan Shares 3 Major Emerging Global Security Threats

The current global security threat landscape is constantly changing, and government contractors are having to flex and adapt to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

According to Terry Ryan, CEO of Constellis, we’re seeing three major categories of security threats in the U.S. and globally: natural, human-caused and accidental.

Natural Threats

“The weather’s been so extreme for all the locations that we provide support, both internationally and domestic, that our critical infrastructure is just not prepared to deal with these natural disasters at these kinds of levels,” explained Ryan, a previous Wash100 Award winner, in an exclusive video interview with Executive Mosaic.

As Constellis and other security providers assess risks for their customers, they’re now having to factor in contingency strategies and look at how factors like power and roads are affected in potential natural disasters.

Human-Caused Threats

Ryan pointed to the rise of political extremism as a key cause for a wide range of emerging threats at both the national and global levels. As a result, Ryan said there’s a waning sense of appreciation for high-level protection, and people are losing sight of what’s theirs and what’s not.

“At any given hour, there’s 23,000 shoplifting events just here in the United States. It’s a $4-6 billion per year problem. People have no respect for property any longer,” Ryan warned.

The human-caused issues we’re seeing also include insider threats, ransomware and cyber attacks. Last year, the FBI reported over 2,500 serious ransomware issues, and Ryan predicted that the convergence of cyber and physical security will continue to grow more intertwined in the coming years.

Accidental Threats

Lastly, organizations need to be prepared with an adequate amount of trained personnel who can prevent accidental threats from occurring, or respond to those types of threats efficiently and quickly when they do occur.

Hear more of Constellis CEO Terry Ryan’s insights in Executive Mosaic’s latest video interview.

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