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Video Interview: CRDF Global’s Tina Dolph Talks New Threat Landscape, Imparts Industry Advice

In today’s world, U.S. government leaders are faced with a uniquely challenging threat landscape like they’ve never faced before. New technological advancements, environmental changes, geopolitical events and other emerging factors have converged to create an evolving threat that’s forcing federal agencies and their industry partners to rethink their approach to global security.

“We’ve got more complex threats and not as many global norms, so that’s the environment that we’re working in,” said Tina Dolph, chief operating officer for CRDF Global and a four-time Wash100 Award winner, during a recent video interview with Executive Mosaic.

Among the four main areas Dolph identified as most impactful on global security, global health and climate change have been particularly visible in recent years.

“These pandemics that we just went through are probably going to become more common as the climate changes,” Dolph warned. “We think about both global health and climate change and wrap that all up in: what does that do to civilian infrastructure?”

Though the growing complexity of these challenges is daunting, Dolph expressed optimism that our government leaders, their industry partners and the leaders of our allied countries are working together to address the issues at hand.

During the conversation, Dolph also shared her advice for GovCon executives and those looking to advance their careers. 

GovCon, Dolph said, “is a very big industry, but a very small community. Creating that network of people who help you along the way is really important.”

To watch the full video interview with CRDF Global’s Tina Dolph, visit ExecutiveMosaic.com, where you can find more interviews with GovCon’s executives of consequence.

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