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Dell Technologies’ Michael Byrne: Agencies Need Comprehensive Multicloud Strategy to Navigate Cloud Repatriation Challenges

Michael Byrne, senior director of federal presales at Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL), said government agencies pursuing digital transformation initiatives should come up with a comprehensive multicloud strategy that would enable them to better manage public and private clouds and give them the flexibility to reallocate workloads as their requirements evolve.

Byrne wrote about cloud repatriation and how the approach calls for agencies to determine how to optimize multicloud platforms as they move applications, data and other workloads between clouds.

“The goal is to shift workloads, data or apps in a way that makes the most of multi-cloud and hybrid ecosystems and streamlines the management of those ecosystems for maximum performance,” he noted.

Byrne said there are several factors agencies should consider when transitioning to another cloud environment and these include application performance, data protection and security requirements and cost.

He highlighted the importance of considering application architecture when moving cloud workloads.

“Before moving any applications, agencies should categorize them based on the seven R’s of application migration: refactor, replatform, repurchase, rehost, relocate, retain and retire,” Byrne wrote.

“Agencies should also document all known dependencies between applications and ensure that any moves include as many adjacent applications as possible. In addition, they will need to factor in any hardware dependencies,” he added.

Byrne also talked about the Dell Technologies Cloud and how the platform could help agencies navigate the challenges of cloud repatriation while mitigating security risks.

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