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Dell Technologies’ Manny Yusuf: Agencies Should Make Cloud Repatriation Part of Broader Cloud Strategies

Mansour “Manny” Yusuf, chief cloud/edge architect at Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL), said government agencies looking to make the best use of the cloud to meet their mission goals and requirements should consider decisions on whether to move workloads from a cloud environment back to an on-premises system, also known as cloud repatriation, as part of a larger strategy.

In an article published on Carahsoft.com, Yusuf said agencies should link their cloud decisions to workload expectations, costs and efficiencies, particularly the cost of running workloads in any cloud.

“To make decisions about whether to move an activity back in-house, agencies must have a detailed, comprehensive understanding of their workloads, including all the underlying dependencies. They also need insights into the cost of running those workloads in a cloud versus an on-premises software-defined data center, for example,” he noted.

Yusuf discussed how the company works to help agency customers develop a framework that would enable them to “understand the cost models of their workloads on both macro and micro levels” and incorporate capabilities into their information technology ecosystems.

“By building that framework, agencies have an operating model on premises that illuminates costs versus mission purpose. They also have visibility into the capabilities that all their contracted cloud vendors can bring to bear,” he added.

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