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Video Interview: K2 Integrity’s Juan Zarate on Crypto Adoption in the US & Globally

After recent cryptocurrency-related developments across the federal landscape, including the Federal Reserve’s white paper on central bank digital currencies and President Biden’s executive order on the responsible development of digital assets, the U.S. has “crossed the Rubicon of legitimacy” into the crypto economy.

Juan Zarate, global co-managing partner and chief strategy officer for K2 Integrity, spoke on the country’s nascent adoption of digital assets and gave a glimpse into the future of crypto on a global scale during a video interview with Executive Mosaic.

“The domain of financial and economic competition is also a domain of conflict,” Zarate said, explaining that we can expect to see the economic landscape increase in aggression in the coming financial wars.

Zarate, a 2022 Wash100 Award winner, formerly served as assistant secretary of the treasury for terrorist financing and financial crimes. He is also the author of “Treasury’s War: The Unleashing of a New Era of Financial Warfare.”

Watch the full video interview with K2 Integrity’s Juan Zarate and check out our other esteemed interview participants at ExecutiveMosaic.com.

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