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Video: Inside the AI Revolution with Digital Science’s Stephen Leicht

Artificial intelligence advancements have made major waves across government and industry in the last year. While AI holds great promise and potential for technological innovation, it can also be extremely risky, especially in the hands of our adversaries and competitors.

Digital Science President Stephen Leicht explored the benefits, risks, threats and opportunities unlocked by AI in Executive Mosaic’s latest video interview.

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“AI can simulate really the better aspects of human intelligence,” he told Executive Mosaic’s Summer Myatt. “And this is a major differentiator between what exists today and the traditional fixed computing infrastructure. These are systems that can learn, they can reason, they can improve, they can make decisions, they can solve problems.”

“And perhaps one of the most obvious improvements that we saw in the gen AI revolution recently is that they can innovate and create things — so you see new solutions to complex problems, which are far beyond the traditional computing infrastructure,” Leicht added.

AI in Defense Applications

Leicht discussed a number of different applications for AI technologies, including in U.S. defense missions. According to Leicht, “anything related to autonomous systems” will be incredibly important for the future of warfare.

“AI driven vehicles, AI driven drones — those are going to fundamentally change the way that we think about reconnaissance, surveillance and combat operations,” he said.

The Digital Science president also noted that AI can analyze enormous amounts of data very quickly, which could greatly improve situational awareness on the battlefield.

Hear more insights from Stephen Leicht — including where the U.S. stands in the AI competition with other global powers like China — by watching the full video interview here.

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