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How New JAMIS Offering Addresses Major GovCon Manufacturing Market Gaps

The government contracting manufacturing industry has long been underserved in the enterprise resource planning space. The latest product release from JAMIS was designed to fill that void.

According to Jeff Noolas, JAMIS president and CEO, JAMIS Prime Manufacturing Edition gives government contractors and other customers in project-focused industries an integrated, easy-to-use platform, which is quite a departure from what’s available in the manufacturing market right now.

“What’s out there in the market is kind of disparate pieces integrated together, interfaced together,” said Noolas in a new video interview with Executive Mosaic. “This is all cut from one cloth, and I think that’s a unique situation. One database, one set of development tools, one user interface. If you know one part of the product, you know all the product, how to get around, how to navigate. It’s really something that people today would expect to see in contemporary software.”

“I think the key issue that we’ve addressed is we’ve linked the finance, accounting, job cost and labor side of the house with the manufacturing side of the house, with again, a single user interface, a single platform, and it’s easy to use,” Noolas added.

From a technology perspective, JAMIS Prime Manufacturing Edition integrates with other JAMIS offerings to bring government contractors a full-featured solution that can address their manufacturing requirements.

“The manufacturing piece integrates with many of the modules, including everything from opportunities, sales order, manufacturing, all the way through to the collection of money and AR,” said Joe Satlin, vice president of technology at JAMIS. “It includes MRP, which is your material requirements planning, bill of materials, barcode scanning, shop floor — everything that a small to medium, even a large size company would need to fulfill their manufacturing needs.”

Watch the full video interview with Jeff Noolas and Joe Satlin to learn more about JAMIS Prime Manufacturing Edition and what it brings to the market. And subscribe to Executive Mosaic’s YouTube channel to stay updated with the latest news and insights from the GovCon market.

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