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Executive Spotlight With Guidehouse Partner Paul Ingholt Tackles Company M&A Activities, Partnerships

ExecutiveBiz featured Paul Ingholt, partner at Guidehouse, in its most recent Executive Spotlight interview published Monday. He discussed the company’s M&A activities and recent partnerships and how those efforts contribute to growth strategies for Guidehouse in the federal market.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Ingholt about Guidehouse’s acquisition of Dovel:

“Since the November acquisition of Dovel, it’s been a really seamless and successful integration. Once we got into conversations with Dovel’s leadership, we were probably on talking ten or more hours a week because they brought in such a high functioning successful business and we saw such immediate application of their strengths to our clients.

Our perspective was about how we take advantage of those capabilities and client relationships that they brought to the table. Dovel continues to widen our aperture in terms of the business that we wanted to pursue and the ways that we could help our clients.”

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