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Q&A With Dataminr Public Sector EVP Jay Humphlett on Company Core Values, Tech Capabilities

In the most recent Executive Spotlight interview, ExecutiveBiz spoke with Jay Humphlett, executive vice president of public sector at Dataminr, to learn about the core values that drive the company’s culture in a competitive federal landscape. He also talked about his move to Dataminr and the artificial intelligence-powered capabilities offered by the company to enhance the decision-making of its customers.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Jay Humphlett:

“The work it takes to standardize our best practices has been a challenge, but we’re working on it and the biggest thing is to maintain our company culture as we scale – we don’t want to lose the rare air that we’ve been breathing. Thus far, everyone at Dataminr has done an excellent job with that.

In addition, we have our corporate core values as well. They’re very simple. We focus on ‘own it, finding a better way, bringing others along, and driving results.’ Our corporate team bases a lot of our metrics around elevating our people around those philosophies and it gives everyone a rallying cry in terms of how they can help to add value and growth across the organization.”

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