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Liferay’s Kale Fluharty: Agencies Need Right Tool to Design User-Centric, IDEA-Compliant Websites

Kale Fluharty, director of federal at Liferay, said government agencies looking to create better digital experiences for users should adopt a platform that allows them to update external- and internal-facing websites that comply with mandates like the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act.

Fluharty wrote how Liferay implemented the principles of the U.S. Web Design System issued by the General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Services into its platform to help agencies develop websites that promote self-service interactions and meet the goals of the 21st Century IDEA.

“Our analytics component allows agencies to create audience segments so they can personalize the experience of website visitors based on why they use the site and what’s important to them,” he said.

“We also offer a more robust cloud-based analytics offering and the ability to test different versions of content to find the best way to reach the target audience,” he added.

Fluharty discussed how Liferay helped the teams behind Grants.gov and MyNavy Portal modernize the websites using the company’s open-source platform.

“By ensuring that digital interactions and websites are not encumbered by legacy systems or back-end processes, agencies can keep citizen and employee interactions relatively simple and straightforward,” he said. “As a result, they can shift the focus to the user experience and what users want to accomplish.”

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