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SAP’s Frank Wilde: Edge Computing Paired With 5G, Data Platform Key to Improving Customer Experience

Frank Wilde, vice president of the Global Center of Excellence at SAP (NYSE: SAP), said edge computing combined with a data platform and advanced connectivity could help government agencies improve citizen and employee experiences.

“Edge computing combined with 5G and a robust data platform also allows agencies to make better decisions about the type and quality of the data they need to capture and retain,” Wilde wrote.

“The edge service becomes a filter for deciding what kind of data stream is valuable, through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and providing new capabilities in a cost-effective manner,” he added.

Wilde discussed how that data stream captured at the edge could help agencies support survivors and streamline relief efforts during disaster recovery missions.

He said SAP’s HANA data management suite works to help agencies meet customer requirements in real time by facilitating data processing at the edge and providing faster access to analytics.

In addition to SAP’s data platform, Wilde said the company unveiled a 5G Council to come up with new approaches and business models to help federal, local and state government agency clients adopt new technologies and innovate at scale.

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