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IBM Receives Third IT Services Contract for Army-Owned Logistics Data Center

The U.S. Army has awarded a five-year renewal contract to IBM (NYSE: IBM) for continued information technology management services in support of a military logistics facility that provides large data sets for Army decision support.

The company said Wednesday it will continue to support the IT needs of Army Materiel Command's Logistics Data Analysis Center under the third Langley IT Enhanced Services contract.

IBM will prototype technologies for automation, analytics modeling and software delivery at a facility in Huntsville, Alabama, and continue LDAC's cloud migration via a software development approach that considers cybersecurity in the early stages as part of the contract award.

These services add to IBM's continued analytics, IT portfolio oversight, application integration, cybersecurity, database management and other IT-related work for LDAC.

Work under LITeS III will run over the next five years and will build on IBM's contributions under the contract's two previous iterations.

IBM's involvement in the LITeS program began in 2012 with efforts focused on LDAC's hybrid cloud transition, cybersecurity implementation and Agile approach adoption.

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