Trustwave’s Bill Rucker: Agencies Need Unified Platform to Ensure Security of Mission-Critical Data

Bill Rucker, president of Trustwave Government Solutions, said government agencies should implement a unified platform that could give them complete visibility into resources and protect mission-critical data in cloud environments or on-premises from evolving cyber threats.

“Even in a mix of on-premises and cloud environments, agencies should be able to assess and monitor everything as though they are operating on a single platform,” Rucker wrote. “Otherwise, they will end up with disjointed chunks of information that cannot be manually correlated at the size and scale of the government environment.”

He discussed how a unified platform provides agencies a “centralized control” of on-premises and cloud environments and assurance when it comes to security.

“Having a unified platform for validating security controls while making sure that data is protected against vulnerabilities gives agencies a high level of assurance that all their systems are secure,” Rucker noted.

Rucker also cited the need for agencies to establish strong partnerships with industry to meet their missions in a speedy and efficient manner.

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