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New Zealand to Procure Lockheed-Built Airlifters via US FMS Program

New Zealand has confirmed its intent to buy five Lockheed Martin-built (NYSE: LMT) Super Hercules transport aircraft from the U.S. government through a foreign military sales transaction worth an estimated $993.3M.

The FMS package will cover the C-130J-30 variant, a full-mission flight simulator and aircrew and maintainer training support services, New Zealand said Friday. The country’s defense ministry expects aircraft deliveries to commence in 2024 and wants the new fleet to be fully operational by 2025.

Ron Mark, defense minister of New Zealand, said that each airlifter will be equipped with additional features such as an electro-optical/infrared camera and a wide-bandwidth satellite communications technology.

“Last year, Cabinet selected these aircraft as the preferred option to replace the current Hercules fleet. Procurement of the Super Hercules has been my highest capability priority as Minister of Defence,” Mark said. “Along with the new fleet, the $1.521 billion project will deliver a full mission flight simulator and other supporting infrastructure.



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