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Airbus Lands Potential $275M Contract to Build Third European Service Module for NASA Spacecraft

Airbus has landed a potential $275.1M contract build another Orion spacecraft module for the European Space Agency to support NASA's manned deep space exploration goals.

The company said Tuesday it will produce the third European Service Module designed to fly with Lockheed Martin-built (NYSE: LMT) spacecraft as part of the the Artemis III Mission to bring astronauts to the moon sometime in 2024.

The cylindrical hardware is intended to function as Orion's main propulsion system and support orbital maneuvering and position control procedures.

ESM will be built to also provide life support elements such as oxygen, water and thermal regulation to the crew.

Airbus noted it will build on its previous experience in the development of an automated transfer vehicle ESA used to facilitate deliveries for the International Space Station.

Artemis III will be the first mission to land astronauts on the Moon under the program, following the uncrewed Artemis I and the Artemis II lunar flyby.

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