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NASA OKs Axiom’s Commercial Space Station Module Proposal

Jeff Brody

Axiom Space has received NASA approval to build a commercial destination module to help the agency continue low-Earth orbit missions once the International Space Station is decommissioned.

NASA selected Axiom's ISS Node 2 Forward port construction proposal through the NextSTEP-2 Appendix I solicitation, the company said Monday.

The Axiom station would feature a node module, research and production facility, an Earth observatory and crew accommodation. The agency intends for the platform to remain docked with the ISS during construction and eventually detach as an independent facility after retirement of the orbital laboratory.

As a temporary ISS segment, the company's platform will also support continuing ISS projects and gradually facilitate the migration of operations to the new facility.

"As we build on the legacy and foundation established by the ISS Program, we look forward to working with NASA and the ecosystem of current and future international partners on this seminal effort," said Michael Suffredini, co-founder and CEO of Axiom Space.

Suffrendini, a former ISS program manager, established Axiom with Kam Ghaffarian, founder of Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies. KBR (NYSE: KBR) acquired STG in 2018 and collaborated with Axiom on module  proposal development efforts.

Othe teammembers are Boeing (NYSE: BA), Maxar Technologies (NYSE: MAXR), Intuitive Machines and Thales Alenia Space,

The industry team aims to deploy the initial module in 2024.

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