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Infoblox’s Chris Usserman: Agencies Need to Build Up Cybersecurity Posture via Automation, Orchestration

Chris Usserman

Chris Usserman, principal security and threat intelligence adviser at Infoblox, has said countering cyber threats calls for agencies to further develop their cybersecurity programs through automation and orchestration.

Usserman wrote that orchestration and automation could help agencies “embrace both the proactive and reactive functions of cybersecurity” through the combination of cyber strategies and tools.

“Automation often involves sharing data between two or more security tools while orchestration embraces validated and effective processes linked with skilled people and capable technology in a way that allows the technology to respond without human intervention,” he added.

He noted that agencies should leverage artificial intelligence to detect advanced threats and advance collaboration between the information technology branch and cybersecurity department.

“The cybersecurity branch needs to understand its obligation to provide input into IT procurement activities so that security is not an afterthought,” Usserman added.

He cited the need for agencies to have actionable intelligence and a comprehensive view of their IT infrastructure.

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