Chris Usserman Security Architect Infoblox

Infoblox’s Chris Usserman: Agencies Need Greater Visibility Into Remote Devices to Facilitate Real-Time Threat Detection

Chris Usserman, principal security architect at Infoblox, said agencies should adopt a new strategy to better defend their information technology infrastructure as threat actors exploit vulnerabilities posed by a decentralized workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He wrote that agencies should equip their employees with security tools to safeguard their remote devices while maintaining visibility into those devices and responding to cyber threats in real time.

“Just as defensive lines adjust to active plays, security teams need to be able to recognize the play, know where their team is, what their team is doing and then know how to respond to the threat — all in real time,” Usserman noted.

Usserman urged agencies to rethink current frontline defense approaches as endpoint devices are exhibiting potential vulnerability to traditional attack methods and internet of things.

“The enterprise infrastructure model for providing frontline defense is no longer enough.”

“To be successful, security teams must know the adversary and its methodologies, and they must know their enterprise and enact real-time detection/containment of threats.”

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